Storm Surge rules World Cup Incheon

By mpc news on May 26, 2010

The first big marathon for the World Inline Cup, with many of the big stars present, proved once again the Storm Surge’s superiority. When the roads are wet, you either get Storm Surge, or don’t race.

MPC wheels win first major European races

By mpc news on May 10, 2010

The first major races of the European inline season are now history. And MPC wheels once again proved they are made for winning races. Geisingen, Gross Gerau, Heerde, Steenwijk…

X-Tech and CadoMotus share expertise

By mpc news on February 25, 2010

Andrew So from X-Tech and Diederik Hol from CadoMotus have agreed on a global partnership. The goal is to improve MPC’s quality and work together on research and development.

MPC wheels for 2010

By mpc news on December 23, 2009

With 2010 just around the corner, MPC updates our wheel lineup for the coming year… and the fastest wheels in speed skating will only get faster – and for the skater, we’ve made it easier than ever to choose the right MPC wheel or combination of wheels to get the best performance…

Road War: So good, you could get a warning

By mpc news on December 8, 2009

…as a result of my improved experience, I found myself crossing the line yelling: “These wheels are ******* awesome!” and got reprimanded by the race officials for bad language.

Haining World Championships – Sep. 11

By mpc news on September 11, 2009

Things were slightly more subdued at the track today, with Argentina having their second session after a long trip, the New Zealand team taking the morning off, Colombia heading to the track with just a small subgroup of their large squad, and Australia taking a largely new team to the track for their second session.
Somehow […]

Haining World Championships – Sep. 10

By mpc news on September 10, 2009

Watching, timing, and judging has been in full swing at the Haining track today. This evening after Munoz & Causil – perhaps bouyed by Bill Begg’s assessment of their first-day 500m effort yesterday – decided to do some weightlifting in the warmup area at the track as teams were arriving, a ‘friendly games’ took place […]

Haining World Championships – Sep. 09

By mpc news on September 9, 2009

Teams are arriving in Haining City daily ahead of the World Championship start on September 18 – just 9 days away. Skaters from New Zealand, China Taipei, Korea and Colombia can be seen around town, and at the track (interestingly, a first-floor facility above a shopping mall) training between sessions by local club groups.
Small groups […]

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